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Special Volunteers

Thursday September 9, 2011 President Jackie Doek and Past President Cathie Hosken honoured volunteers who have given so much of themselves over the last few years to help the animals.

Thank you to each and every volunteer who has helped us help those who cannot help themselves!

Volunteer of the Year (2010)

Mrs. Carol Fleg


Carol has spent many hours of almost every day for the animals since 2006.  Either hands on or behind the scene, Carol is busy carrying out her duties. 

Her position? ... SDHS volunteer.

Her job description? ... any job that needs to be done! 

Her regular duties? ... putting together the adoption packages and filing adoption paperwork for each animal.

Carol's fiesty personality is only matched by the kittens and cats that she fosters, some seriously injured and others only a few days old.  It doesn't matter what job she is doing, the animals always come first and her love for the animals shows with each kennels of jeuvenile kittens she is cleaning and loving up.

Thank you Carol for all your hard work ... it has not gone unnoticed! 



 Honourary Life Membership Awards

Mrs. Susan Davidson

Susan has been a member and volunteer for many years, collecting donations from donation boxes, walking at the Paws on the Path Walk-a-thon, fostering many animals especially mother cats and babies, and running craft & bake and plant sales.  Her hours of volunteerism and dedication has helped many animals and her support, dedication and assistance for other volunteers is unwaivering.

A special thank you and congratulations on this special Life Membership Award from all of the Volunteers and Board Members who have worked with Susan over the years!

And a bigger thank you from the animals!

Cathie Hosken, Past President 2006 - 2011

Cathie served as President for 5 years, working at fundraisers, preparing the animals for adoption and helping other volunteers pave the road for a better Humane Society.

Her work is not finished and she is still working daily with the animals and at the shelter. She will still find the extra hours in the day to help the sick and injured, answer phones while cleaning litter pans ... oh yes, and sweep the floors while monitoring the kittens during an adoption.

Her favourite saying will be remembered by many ...

"Spay and Neuter your pets ... and the stray outdoors!"

A note from Cathie:   

Thank you for this very special award and for the opportunity to work with wonderful people with huge hearts.

It is a priviledge to be involved in such a great organization, working alongside others with the same goal ... to help those that cannot help themselves!

Special Volunteer Awards (2010)

Stanley Adams

Alex Beaulieu

Ian Blakemore

Laurel Camacho

Jerry Currie

Susan Davidson

George Davidson    

Jackie Doek

Jackie also received an Honourary Membership for 2012 as a thank you for her work for the animals. 

L. D.

Carol Fleg

Carol also received an Honourary Membership for 2012 as a thank you for her work for the animals.

Gail Lance

Maureen Matthews

Joan Millard

Denis Murphy

Tim Scott

Wendy Searle

Amanda Spriet

Carol Tupper

Carol also received an Honourary Membership for 2012 as a thank you for her work for the animals.

Bob Wood

Bob also received an Honourary Membership for 2012 as a thank you for his work for the animals. 

Cheryl Wood

Victoria Wray


Cruelty Complaints

If you are witnessing an act of Cruelty please contact


or contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122

If you are witnessing an act of Cruelty or an animal is in immediate distress due to an act of Cruelty, please contact your local police department.

Although Norfolk County OPP conduct animal cruelty investigations throughout the area, Simcoe and District Humane Society helps with the care, treatment and housing of animals when requested. As with all programs within the Society, the cost of care for these animals is not covered by any level of government or other organization. SDHS relies on fundraising efforts and donations from the community while helping the animals.

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